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8/21 As Life Happens Release

I would like to say Thank You to God for giving me this opportunity. My first poetry book As Life Happens has now been published. It is currently available on Amazon. Available for Paperback and Kindle version. I would also like to give special thanks to everyone who supported and contributors that helped with finishing touches. Editor: Waqas Hussain. Consultant:Michelle Simpson. I hope y’all enjoy As Life Happens. βœπŸΏπŸ“šπŸ™πŸΏ The link can be found below for purchasing.

Tight Squeeze

The transition from boy to man is a complex squeeze.

Enclosed by life’s pressure I struggle to breathe.

Maybe I am not Ford Tough after all.

Life gives two options.

Continue to climb or you will not prevail.

I knew that one day I would grow.

I was unaware when that day would be.

My mindset changed.

Life changed accordingly.

Memories remind me of who I once was.

I then realize life cannot be recaptured from the past.

When I was a child.

I spoke like a child.

Reasoned like a child.

When I became a man I gave away childish things.

Elijah Taylor

Copyright 2020

Cry Like A Man

I was told to never let tears fall from your eyes.

A mask is the perfect disguise.

My emotions stay on the backburner.

I contemplate how I will survive without prior knowledge of being alive.

You are a natural release, but I hesitate if I should ever let you leave.

I am ashamed of your nature as you leave me vulnerable to bleed.

When you fall from my eye.

I quickly wipe you.

The slightest sign of weakness my ego cannot take.

I am entrapped in tears hoping they will flow.

I am in bondage and I am praying to be set free.

I wish my emotion were not soft spoken.

Tears roll down from my eyes as pain is released from my soul.

I am not weak, but these tears help me to gain control.

Elijah Taylor

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Copyright 2021