Tight Squeeze

The transition from boy to man is a complex squeeze.

Enclosed by life’s pressure I struggle to breathe.

Maybe I am not Ford Tough after all.

Life gives two options.

Continue to climb or you will not prevail.

I knew that one day I would grow.

I was unaware when that day would be.

My mindset changed.

Life changed accordingly.

Memories remind me of who I once was.

I then realize life cannot be recaptured from the past.

When I was a child.

I spoke like a child.

Reasoned like a child.

When I became a man I gave away childish things.

Elijah Taylor

Copyright 2020

Published by Elijah Taylor

My name Is Elijah Taylor and I am a education major and poet. I am from Dallas, Texas and my favorite hobby is exercising.

One thought on “Tight Squeeze

  1. Awesome work Elijah! Your poetry spoke truth to my soul. Continue to dream and may God continue to allow your words of expression to comfort and communicate to your readers. ( Love Mom)


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