Cry Like A Man

I was told to never let tears fall from your eyes.

A mask is the perfect disguise.

My emotions stay on the backburner.

I contemplate how I will survive without prior knowledge of being alive.

You are a natural release, but I hesitate if I should ever let you leave.

I am ashamed of your nature as you leave me vulnerable to bleed.

When you fall from my eye.

I quickly wipe you.

The slightest sign of weakness my ego cannot take.

I am entrapped in tears hoping they will flow.

I am in bondage and I am praying to be set free.

I wish my emotion were not soft spoken.

Tears roll down from my eyes as pain is released from my soul.

I am not weak, but these tears help me to gain control.

Elijah Taylor

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Copyright 2021

Published by Elijah Taylor

My name Is Elijah Taylor and I am a education major and poet. I am from Dallas, Texas and my favorite hobby is exercising.

18 thoughts on “Cry Like A Man

  1. Good stuff, my boy 🔥💪🏽! Your poems get better and better, every time. Keep on doing what you’re doing…


  2. I see every Poem in My Mind and you gave me life as i never seen it before. I’m looking forward to more As Life Happens. Deep In-depth passionate words from the Author. 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏


  3. UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME . . . you are an incredible writer and a very conscientious thinker. Your words will reach the death of everyone soul I pray that they apply it to their lives.

    Your number one fan after your mom Ms. Milton

    Liked by 1 person

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